Field Candy Tents

With cool and funky designs from Field Candy your tent will always stand out at any festival. Field Candy tents are of high quality, waterproof and robust tents that fit 2-3 people and are super easy and quick to assemble. Look through our selection and let yourself fall in love.

Field Candy Tents – Original Explorer

These tents not only look great but they are also very sturdy. With their classic ‘A’ frame construction made in England they can stand up to extreme weather conditions and are waterproof to a minimum of 5 meters. They are even flex and tear tested whilst being fire retardant to EU & US standard. If you are lucky enough to experience sunny days, then these tents are comfortable to sleep in too as they contain exclusive breathable inner skin designed to keep campers cool and dry.

Want to charge your mobile phone at the festival but don’t want to leave it at a charging station? then these tents can come in handy too. They come with a free Solar Power Pack. Just charge the pack during the day and charge your phone at night. Easy peasy!

Additionally, the tents come with easy-to-set-up-poles, extra strong pegs and (best of all) lockable storage pockets to keep your valuables protected. What more could you want from a festival tent?