SFR Quad Skates

Quad skates are known as the four-wheeler side-by-side skates and remembered by most as the skate you grew up with. These skates are still very popular and come in every possible colour. Here are our favourites SFR quad skates.

GT Vision

Rio Roller

Textured metallic PU leather upper
Boot: PU Upper low cut boot with good support and PVC Outsole
Wheels: 53 x 30mm 82A PU Injected
Chassis: PP Chassis and truck
Bearings: Abec-7 Carbon
Stoppers: PU cushion, wheels and stoppers
Boot: Semi-soft disco quad skate
Wheel for sizes UK UK2 – UK 5: 54 x 32mm 82A PU Cast
Wheel for sizes UK 6 – UK 8: 58 x 32mm 82A PU Cast
Chassis: Nylon Hi-Impact with aluminum trucks
Bearings: ABEC-7
Stoppers: PU Injected with easily replaceable bolts

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