Lucky Scooters

Lucky Scooters is a US based scooter brand focusing on high quality scooters and parts. We have featured the 2014 Pro range from Lucky Scoot including the Crew, Strata, Kota and Clover.

Lucky Clover Complete Scooter 2014

The Lucky Clover 2014 Model is available in Gunmetal & Black and Black & Black. It features a concave deck for more grip, flat sides for pain-free finger whips, FSA premium headset for dialed steering, high-tensile steel bolts and axles to handle hard hits, and high-grade Bones bearings for a buttery roll.

Clover deck 20.5 x 4.25 inch
NEW Voodoo Bars 23 x 21
SMX Forks
NEW Lucky SCS Clamp
NEW Lucky Tens 110mm wheels
HIC Compression
Integrated headset
Weight 7.75lbs

Lucky Strata Pro Complete Scooter 2014

The Lucky Strata 2014 Pro Complete Scooter is built for speed and manoeuvrability and features;

Strata Deck 20 x 4.25 inch
Prybars 22 x 20
SMX forks
NEW Lucky Triple Clamp
110mm Atom Wheels
HIC Compression
Integrated headset
Weight 7.5lbs

Lucky Crew 2014 Pro Complete Scooter

The Lucky 2014 Crew Pro Complete Scooter features a slightly smaller deck, ProBars and 100mm wheels providing the Crew with a grounded more balanced ride without losing strength or performance. The perfect scooter for an intermediate rider. This scooter features;

Crew deck 19.5 x 4 inch
ProBars 21 x 19 inch
LS forks
NEW Lucky double clamp
100mm Charms wheels
HIC compression
Integrated Headset
Weight 7.25lbs (3.28kg)

Luck Pro Scooters