Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop is a skateboarding company from the US that was founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender. The company has been owned by the Burton snowboard company and original team rider Rob Dyrdek, however was acquired by Pacific Vector Holdings in October 2013. Alien Workshop produces quality skateboard decks, wheels, apparel and other skateboard accessories.

Alien Workshop Keith Haring Snake Complete

The AWS Keith Haring Snake Complete pairs AWS and the Keith Haring Foundation together to produce an iconic design by artist Keith Haring.

The AWS Keith Haring Snake fishtail complete skateboards features;

Deck size: 8.5″ x 32″, 7 Ply Maple
Reflex Hornet Trucks
AWS 62mm, 78A wheels
Reflex Abec 3 Bearings
Reflex Hardware and custom Die Cut Griptape

Alien Workshop Keith Haring Fishtail

AWS has once again collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation to replicate one of the artists legendary works on one of its decks.

The AWS Keith Haring Fishtail Complete features;

Deck size: 10” x 30” with 7 Ply Maple
Reflex Hornet Trucks & Alien Workshop 60mm, 78A Wheels
Reflex Abec 3 Bearings & Hardware
Custom Die Cut Griptape

AWS Keith Haring Linkup Longboard – 37.9

This longboard features;

Width: 9.75”
Length: 37.9”
Trucks: Slant inverted trucks
Bearings: ABEC3
Concave: Inverted camber concave
Clear Broadcast Griptape

Alien Workshop Soldier Cruiser Complete Skateboard

The AWS Soldier Cruiser Complete Skateboard features;

10.125″ x 31.5″ deck
Die cut grip tape
Stoneground AWS 60mm 78A wheels
1/4” riser pads
Reflex Hornet Trucks & Bearings

Alien Workshop Warhol Banana Longboard

The AWS Warhol Banana Longboard features;

Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple construction
Width: 9″
Wheels: Alien Workshop 78A 63mm Wheels
Trucks: Reflex trucks
Custom Andy Warhol artwork and die cut grip tape

Alien Workshop Pong Pusher Skateboard

The AWS Pong Pusher skateboard features;

Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple construction
Width: 8.25″, Length: 31.75”
Wheels: AWS 78A 54mm Wheels
Trucks: Reflex hornet trucks
Bearings: Reflex ABEC3 bearings
Authentic ping pong paddle grip

Alien Workshop Pong II Longboard

New shape with authentic ping pong paddle grip
Reflex trucks & AWS 70mm 78A wheels
Reflex ABEC 3 bearings
Riser pads

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