Landyachtz skateboards and longboards was started in 1997 by students Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand, who met up at the University of Victoria. The goal was to make the best skateboards on the market through innovative designs, with a focus on durable products, which remains one of the core goals of the company today.

Landyachtz is distinct in that the company is skater owned and operated. When the riders aren’t busy cruising around town or the local hills, they’ll be working alongside the rest of the crew designing boards. The large team of talented skaters has allowed Landyachtz to create an environment where innovation thrives.

Landyachtz Freeride Turqouise

Deck 10″ x 40″
Landyachtz Abec 7 Bearings
Hardware Landyachtz Grip Tape
Hawgs 76mm Monster Wheels
Bear 852 Grizzly Trucks

Landyachtz 9two5 Black

The 9two5 is designed by team rider Mike McGoldrick and is the perfect board for high speed carving and drifting. Its an Aggressive, stiff and symmetrical board which makes its capable of handling anything in its path.

Length: 40.2″
Width: 9.81″
Wheelbase: 30.7″

New features include;
Slightly shorter and skinnier for responsiveness
New Gas Pedal shapes giving riders more to work with when drifting and sliding at high speeds
‘Terminating W Cave’ for flat mount platform and inner foot support
Variable concave with a rise at the foot platform edges, gives position location and prevents foot-wheel bite 3D CNC cut gas pedals with hooked edges, 3D CNC’d wheelwells for extra turn on looser setups

Landyachtz Time Machine

The Time Machine makes everything from cruising around town to sliding easier than ever. The dropped platform keeps you closer to the ground allowing for more effective pushing and footbreaking and the upturned nose and tail allows for greater turning capability at lower speeds.

Length: 38”
Width: 10”
Wheelbase: 28.5”
Trucks: Bear Grizzly 840 40 degree
Wheels: 76mm Zombies, with ABEC 7 bearings
Construction: Maple
Concave: Medium
Flex: Low

Landyachtz Mission Cruiser

The Mission Cruiser Dinghy is a firm favourite amongst skaters the world over. Its a compact and agile board and available in 6 different graphics and two shapes to suit various riding styles.

Size – 7.0″ x 26.25″

Landyachtz Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is designed for urban freeriding and downhill skating. It has a stiff 8 ply Canadian hardrock maple and features flat-bottom concave, molded fenders, sanded wheel wells and a serious kicktail.

Length: 36.5″

Landyachtz Battle Axe


Recommended Components:

Bear Grizzly 852 180mm Trucks
Landyachtz Monster Hawgs 76mm 80a
Bones Reds Bearings

Landyachtz Swithchblade

The Switchblade is one of the best selling boards from Landyachtz. Stronger, stiffer and durable offering a comfortable and versatile ride.
Length: 40.5”
Width: 10”
Construction: 7-ply maple, fiberglass bottom and composite top sheet
Flex: Stiff
Concave: High W. concave
Wheelbase: 31.5”

Landyachtz Freeride Tomahawk Complete Longboard

The Tomahawk was created as a skate everything anywhere freeride board. The Symmetrical platform with added kicktails allow it to excel at freestyle, cruising and freeriding. The micro drop platform ensures you never lose your place on the board.

Medium Concave

Dimensions: Length: 40”, Width:10”
Bear Grizzly 852 trucks, Bear bearings & 76mm Zombies

Landyachtz Bamboo Ink Complete Longboard

Features an upturned nose, allowing for a more responsive cruising board. The bamboo construction also gives the board a nice spring. The board features two wheelbases so that you can customize to suit your needs. It features a slight rise in the back so you can kick your board up that much easier.

Grizzly 852 trucks
70mm Mini Monster wheels
Bear Abec 7 bearings

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