Lush Longboards

Lush Longboards designed with flair and creativity.Lush longboards incorporate cult wheels, sabre trucks and make various slide gloves and skating apparel.

Lush Kilima Generator Complete Longboard

The Generator is a great all round carve setup. It features a 44″ long, 9.9″ wide deck constructed with 7-ply and x-flex (excellent flex), dropped through Sabre trucks and Cult Gamma Ray wheels that are loaded with abec 7 bearings to ensure speed generation. Lower ride allows easier slides and more stability, comfortable footbraking. Artwork by Phil Harvey.

44″ Long, 9.9″ Wide 7-Ply X Flex Deck
Cult Gamma Rays Wheels
Sabre Trucks
Abec 7 Bearings

Lush Lopez Complete Longboard

Construction: 7 ply Canadian maple, walnut and cherry
Length: 43”
Width: 9.5”
Medium flex
Max weight 16st
Cambered profile with mini-kicktail
Double Wheel wells for RKP or regular geometry trucks
Choice of 29.75” / 31.84” Wheelbases
Cult wheels
Sabre trucks

Lush Zappa Complete Longboard

Construction: 7 ply Canadian maple, walnut & cherry
Length: 31”
Width: 8.25”
Nose width: 4”
Tail width: 6.5”
Lush Trucks: 6” with custom bushing set up
Wheel base: 16.2”
Shallow kicktail and Mellow concave

Lush Kilima Cranium Complete Longboard

Construction: 9-ply 100% Canadian Maple
Flex: super stiff
Width: 9.59”/24.4cm
Length: 41”/104cm
Wheelbase: 31.6”/80cm – 32.4”/82cm
Nose: 1.9”/4.7cm
Tail: 1.9”/ 4.7cm
Concave: deep with sharp race rails
Max Wight: 20st / 127kg / 280lbs
Profile: flat
4x construction adding stiffness – better for tracking corners, ultra responsive ride, more control when drifting or sliding
Narrow shape for quick transitions from edge to edge during spins and quick direction changes
Adjustable drop through truck mount – lower ride, easier slides, more stability, comfortable pushing and foot braking
Long wheelbase giving a more predictable release and controllable slide
Chrome finish with graphics by Phil Harvey

Lush The Piger Complete Longboard

Back to the 80’s this pig like board is perfect for gleaming the cube. It is made of 100% Canadian maple, individually cold pressed and fitted with Sabre TKP trucks and Cult Isms.

Town and Country tribute graphics featuring;

Length 31”/79cm
Width 9.75”/25cm
Wheelbase 16”/41cm
Nose 4.1”/10cm
Tail 6.5”/16cm
Construction Cold pressed 7 ply canadian maple
Profile Shallow kicktail
Concave Mellow
Flex Pop!

Lush Vandella (Revolution) Complete Longboard

The Vandella is a topmount race deck, shaped by Chris Vanstone and Darren Rathbone. Topmount, shorter wheelbase gives supreme grip and ultimate cornering ability

This board features 4X construction designed for skating fast and holding lines through corners. The construction entails two layers of Bi-Axial wet laminate glass, one layer in from the surface of the layup as per X-Flex, but the top layer of glass (closest to the grip tape) is laid at 45 degrees to the length of the deck providing less torsional flex.

The deck has fibres running diagonally across, assuring added stiffness. This means better tracking in corners, an ultra responsive ride and more control when drifting or sliding.

E-Glue for deck durability

Semi-symetrical shape with large rear standing platform fits today’s freeride styles.

Adjustable wheelbase, front and back, with multiple wheel wells allowing the use of super-low regular kingpin as well as reverse kingpin trucks.

Rail profile – sharp at the top, chamfered on the underside.

Complete with 72mm Cult Death Rays and 190mm Sabre Trucks for the ultimate in speed and control.

Chrome Finish graphics, Artwork by Phil Harvey

Lush Elevator Foil Complete Longboard

Length: 40”/101cm
Width: 9.75”/24.8cm
Wheelbase: 30.6”/77.7cm, 31”/78.7cm, 31.3”/79.5cm
Nose: 1.5”/3.8cm, 1.94”/4.9cm
Tail: 2.15”/5.5cm, 2.54”/6.5cm
Construction: 8ply 100% Canadian Maple
Profile: Rockered 0.75”/1.9cm
Concave: 0.625”/1.6cm
Max Weight: 15ST/95KG/210LBS
Flex: Medium

Topmount with 0.75” of rocker for a low, comfortable foot platform, but still with the surfy/powdery feel and control of a topmount. 0.625” Concave – enough for a secure footing, but not so much that you can’t move your feet around. Feel is everything and we believe we’ve perfected it with this rocker/concave combo. Big cutouts allow super-loose trucks with no fear of wheelbite. Semi-symetrical shape, along similar lines to the Shocker, Vandella and Sequel, is comfortable going backwards but still features the directional rear ”wings” for super positive back foot positioning. Adjustable wheelbase front and back. 8ply Canadian Maple gives enough flex for comfort.

Mini kick nose and tail, with refined rail design – sharp at the top, chamfered on the underside. Cult Classics and high-end Sabre Trucks and bushings, with chrome finish and artwork by Tom Moore.

Lush Throttle Complete Longboard

Construction: 8-ply 100% Canadian Maple
Flex: stiff
Width: 9”/23.5cm
Length: 34.5”/87.6cm
Wheelbase: 19.88”/50.5cm – 24.83”/63cm
Nose: 2.84”/7.2cm
Tail: 1”/2.7cm – 6.4”/16.3cm
Concave: 0.625”/1.6cm
Max Weight: 16st / 100kg / 225lbs
Profile: front loaded rocker with a kicktail/gas pedal
Drilled tail to allow a slalom rear truck setup with a gas pedal
Rounded kicktail – ideal for ollies and manuals
Adjustable front and back wheelbase
Graphics by Jethro Haynes

Lush Stallion Complete Longboard

Construction: 7 ply maple, with a deep concave
Length: 39”
Width: 9.25”
Lush Trucks: 6” with custom bushing set up
70mm 78a Cult classic blue wheels: Fast and grippy. The sharp edges really bite in when turning, for maximum grip
Bearings: ABEC 5 Chrome

Lush Sharlper Cruiser Complete Longboard

Construction: 7 ply maple, with a deep concave
Length: 30 inch
Width: 7.75 inch
Lush trucks : 7” wide for maxium turning ability
62mm 78a Acid Drop wheels: Fast and grippy. The sharp edges really bite in when turning, giving you maximum grip
Bearings: ABEC-5 Chrome

Lush Longboards