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Mindless Cayuga Voodoo – 39

The Mindless Cayuga Voodoo is a freak of nature fashioned from the depths of the Mindless factory. This board features a w-concave switch deck, a subtle micro drop platform, Talisman trucks and Kabila wheels. Fast agressive yet stable ride is what you can expect from the Cayuga Voodoo.

The Cayuga Voodoo features;

LENGTH: 99cm / 39 inches
WIDTH: 25.4cm / 10 inches
WHEELBASE: 76.86cm / 30.26 inches
SHAPE: W-Concave switch deck micro drop platform. Shaped shoulders and drop through cut outs with adjustable mounts
CONSTRUCTION: 9 ply Canadian Maple. Hydraulically pressed deck sealed with a gloss finish
TRUCKS: 7” Talisman raw finish. 87A medium Mojo bushings
WHEELS: Mindless Kabila 75 x 52mm – 78A
BEARINGS: High precision skate rated quality

Mindless Voodoo Lakota

The Voodoo Lakota DT Black is an all new Mindless design that offers a smooth yet progressive ride. This board is suitable for Carving, Cruising and Downhill.

The Mindless Voodoo Lakota DT Black also features:
Length: 101.6cm / 40 ”
Width: 24.76cm / 9.75 ”
Difference Wheels: 77.8cm / 30.63 ”
Shape: Concave Pintail, Drop Through
Construction: 2-ply on top in Bamboo, 7-ply Canadian maple
Trucks: Trucks 7 “Talisman with Bushing Medium Mojo 87A
Wheels: Mindless Haraka 75 x 58mm – 84A
Bearings: High Precision Mindless Bearings

The Mindless Voodoo Lakota Natural is the longest board produced by Mindless at 44 inches and features;

Longboard Length – 44″
Deck Width – 9.75″
Wheelbase – 31.41″
Shape – Pintail
Construction – Bamboo/maple
Trucks – Talisman 7″
Wheels – Mindless Haraka 69mm
Bearings – Precision

Mindless Voodoo Jivaro – 33.85

The Mindless Voodoo Jivaro longboard is a short concave pintail cruiser constructed from the finest Canadian Maple. This board is a responsive zippy cruiser suitable for all conditions and styles. Available in red and green.

The Voodoo Jivaro also feature;

Length: 85.9 cm / 33.85″
Width: 24.1cm / 9.5″
Wheelbase: 62.6cm / 24.65″
Shape: Concave pintail with adjustable rear truck mounts and precision CNC wheel wells
Construction: 7 ply 100% Canadian maple hydraulically Pressed epoxy deck with satin finish
Trucks: 7″ talisman raw finish, 87A medium Mojo Bushings
Wheels: Mindless Haraka 66 x 51mm – 78A
Bearings: High precision skate rated quality

Mindless Savage II Longboard- 39.75

The Mindless Savage II is a fast and highly responsive board fitted with a drop through race deck, deep concave with cut outs, edged rail and also features;

Length 101cm / 39.75 inches
Width 25.4cm / 10 inches
Wheelbase 83.75cm / 33 inches
Shape Drop through race deck, deep concave with cut-outs and edged top rails
Construction Top ply light bamboo, 7-ply Canadian maple core, bottom ply zebra stripe smoked bamboo
Trucks 7 inch reverse kingpin with reversible hanger, NEW Mindless Serenity 78A cushions
Wheels Mindless Shifta 76mm 78A
Bearings ABEC-9 Chrome

Mindless Maverick DT – 44

The Mindless Maverick DT is a improvement on the original Maverick whilst still retaining the original style and speed. The Board features;

Length: 111.75cm / 44 inches
Width: 24.75cm / 9.75 inches
Wheelbase: 85.75cm / 33.75 inches
Shape: Drop through pintail deep concave with oversized cut outs to reduce wheel bite
Construction: 6-ply Canadian maple, bottom ply smoked natural GT stripe bamboo
Trucks: 7 inch reverse king pin truch in matt black with reversible hanger, 78A SHR cushions
Wheels: Mindless Shifta 76mm 78A
Bearings: ABEC-9 Chrome

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