Cult Wheels

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Cult Death Ray Wheels

The ultimate downhill wheels for sliding, grip and high roll speed. Manufactured with PSYCHATHANE, a trademarked Cult formula allowing for high rebound and strong wear pattern that react faster and are perfect for drifting and grip control.

The Death Ray Wheels feature;

Cult graphic Longboard skate wheels
72mm x 54mm diameter
80a hardness
52mm contact patch
Formulated from PSYCHATHANE
10mm Spacer
Smooth & fast ride

Cult Classic Wheels

Classic wheels are manufactured with MYSTOTHANE and are perfect for smooth slides.

These classic wheels feature;

Cult graphic Longboard skate wheels
Longboard skate wheels
70mm x 46mm diameter
80a hardness
30mm contact patch
Formulated from MYSTOTHANE
10mm Spacer

Cult Gamma Ray Wheels

Diameter: 72mm
Width: 53mm
Hardness: 80A

Cult Wheels