North of the Sun – Nordic Film Festival 2013
North of the Sun – Nordic Film Festival 2013

After a successful inaugural year, this month marks the start of the 2nd Nordic Film Festival in London. The festival runs from 25th November 2013 until 4th December 2013 and brings together an exciting and vibrant array of Nordic films.

This years Nordic Film Festival focuses on various genres and themes, fresh talent and established directors from the Nordic region including, “new features, ‘other side of the docs’, ‘Arctic’, Nicholas Winding Refn and seminal Icelandic band Sigur Rós, with a number of standout themes – ‘experiments’, coming of age and music featuring strongly, along with the usual bit of Nordic crime fiction to boot.”

The film that caught our eye is an award winning documentary entitled North of the Sun or Nordfer Sola as it was originally called when released in 2012. North of the Sun follows Norwegian surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Nyseth Ranum on their search to find the perfect wave. Filmed over 9 months, it chronicles Inge and Jørn’s adventure from their home to a remote island off the coast of northern Norway. Exposed to the elements, the harsh Norwegian winter and living in a self constructed driftwood dwelling amongst the rocks, they face two decision…surf or fish?

Surrounded by an awe inspiring landscape, with a vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean stretching out before them, and armed with their surfboards, the secret of this remote deserted bay is realised…perfect waves!

Check out the film teaser below;

Catch the Nordic Film Festival screening of North of the Sun at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith on the 3rd December 2013 starting at 18:45.


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