Organic Clothing: Bold. Brave. Bhubesi
Organic Clothing: Bold. Brave. Bhubesi

Back to Tradition with Bhubesi

Bhubesi, which means Lion in Zulu, is a bold fashion initiative from a new start up based in London. Bhubesi aims to change your view of fashion by creating a unique range of organic, ethical and fairtrade clothing that is not harmful to the environment.

Bhubesi is an eco conscious apparel company which has as some of their core goals – creating sustainable fashion that is treasured by the people who wear it, helping to reduce waste, pollution and utilising safe printing techniques.

What is Organic Clothing?

Simply put, Organic clothing is made from materials raised or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. This means that the source of the clothings fibre is free from herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

What are the benefits of Organic Clothing

There are various benefits to organic clothing including procedures that;

  • produce less polluting CO2 which ends up in the atmosphere
  • uses less water than standard farming practices
  • chemical residues from pesticides and herbicides do not accidentally enter into the environment harming both humans and animals.

What is fairtrade?

Power to the People! Fairtrade encapsulates the idea that farmers and workers alike should treated with respect, dignity, with decent working conditions and equitable pay.

Why Bhubesi?

All clothing from Bhubesi is either Earthpositive or made from recycled clothing. From all animal designs, Bhubesi will donate 20% of each sale to the associated animal charity.

Its time to take a step back and consider the fashion industry and the effect it has on the lives of humans and animals alike. If you are tired of the destructive nature of fast fashion then visit and take a stand (and look good at the same time). Its the little changes that make the biggest difference.

Wear. Bhubesi.

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