Organic Clothing – Fair Trade & Sustainable

Organic clothing isn’t something new but simply a return to traditions. When you buy organic shirts you are supporting the workers behind the clothes and causing minimum harm to the environment. We’ve found these amazing shirts from a new brand that is all about making you look good whilst feeling good. Both on a psychological level and physically as they are so soft and comfy.

Why Organic Clothing?

If you rate soft, comfortable cotton against your skin that hasn’t been produced with toxic chemicals, then switching to organic is something you should consider. With media focussing a lot on textile workers conditions these days, it’s hard not to be affected by how tough they are and how little they get paid. With organic clothing you are guaranteed that you are supporting the men and women who produce the clothes you wear. If this isn’t reason enough then the harm that fashion causes to the environment is something to consider too. Being the second most polluting industry, you can reduce your impact by making more conscious decisions. When you are out cruising on the road, look around and cherish nature. Let’s protect it together.