Titans of Mavericks

The Event

The Titans of Mavericks is an invitation only big wave surfing event that takes place at Half Moon Bay, 20 mins away from San Francisco in California at the famous surf spot Mavericks. The open period for this one day event is between January 1 to March 31 2015.

The Format

The Titans of Mavericks is an invitation only event adding to the allure of this big wave event. The Titans are selected by The Committee 5 which consists of Big Wave Surfing Professionals who have helped shape Mavericks over the years. The Committee 5 are tasked with voting in 22 confirmed competitors, 5 alternates and 2 wild card slots.

Wild Cards votes are reserved for surfers who have shown exceptional skill, excellence and dedication in charging monster waves between 1st October 2014 and 1st January 2015. Alternates are also in the running for one of the coveted wild card picks.

The first wild card is set to be announced on 2nd January 2015 and the final pick on the day that the event is called ‘ON’!


The first Titans of Mavericks was held in 1999. Former champions include Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko (1999, 2000, 2004), Anthony Tashnick (2005), Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker (2006, 2014), Greg Long (2008), Chris Bertish (2010), Peter Mel (2013).


‘In the early 1960s, a group of surfers would paddle out just inside the rocks off of Pillar Point. Back then, locals drove their cars out to the point and surfed waves that would reach up to 10 feet in a good swell. Surfers Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Notmeyer would often paddle out there, sometimes followed by a white-haired German Shepard named Maverick. Worried about the dog’s safety, Matienzo tied the dog to his car’s bumper to keep the canine from paddling out to the surf. In those early days, the surfers would see the giant waves farther out to sea. On one occasion, the trio started to paddle out to get a closer look but turned back, convinced that the waves were too big and too violent for any person to surf. After all, that spot 1/2 mile offshore was known more as a navigational hazard to the fishermen and sailor who would venture near Pillar Point.’

The Titans of Mavericks

22 surfers have already been picked with each being announced randomly by the organisers on various social media platforms.

The 22 Titans

Shawn Dollar
Ken Collins
Mark Healey
Shane Dorian
Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker
Greg Long
Anthony Tashnick
Chris Bertish
Alex Martins
Colin Dwyer
Dave Wassel
Grant Washburn
Carlos Burle
Kohl Christensen
Nathan Fletcher
Nic Lamb
Ryan Augenstein
Ryan Seelbach
Tyler Fox
Zach Wormhoudt
John John Florence
Jamie Sterling


The Alternates

Shane Desmond
Derek Dunfee
Rusty Long
Ben Wilkinson
Travis Payne


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